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Two people chat  near  beach side at Meghauli Serai

Meghauli Serai A Taj Safari Chitwan National Park


Offering a deep knowledge of Chitwan’s diverse wildlife, fascinating history and rich culture, the trained, experienced guides and naturalists at Meghauli Serai, A Taj Safari Chitwan National Park deliver deeply immersive and personal adventure experiences. Whether taking part in an elephant bathing and feeding program, enjoying a signature spa treatment by the tranquil Lotus Pond or exploring the park on a guided safari, discover some of the most authentic and unique ways to learn about the local wilderness, wildlife, culture and people.

The couple enjoying river by boat safari  at Meghauli Serai

Canoe Safari

Float down the picturesque Rapti river enjoying beautiful views of the Himalayan foothills and spot innumerable rhinoceroses, gharials and birdlife.

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Like Village area  at Meghauli Serai

Tharu Village Visit

Visit Meghauli, a traditional Tharu village of forest dwellers residing in homes made of bamboo plastered with mud and decorated with colourful handprints.

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Men  enjoying Boat Safari near  Meghauli Serai

Bird Watching

Home to exotic, endangered birds like the Bengal florican and the glorious paradise flycatcher, along with sunbirds, kingfishers and jungle fowl, Chitwan is world-famous for its avian wildlife.

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Men exploring nature at forest near  Meghauli Serai

Jeep Safari

The one-horned rhinoceros is the star of Chitwan and is usually spotted in open woods and grasslands.

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Beautiful surrounding evening  at Meghauli Serai


As you gaze at the starry blanket of sky over the jungle, naturalist guides explain the constellations and tell stories about local celestial trivia and lore.
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Men exploring nature at forest near  Meghauli Serai

Walking Safaris

Experience the thrill of sighting one-horned rhinoceros, birds and other animals from very close quarters on walking safaris accompanied by our expert naturalists.

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Bar can see  at Meghauli Serai

Bada Ghar Dinner

The Tharu cultural concept of a large, extended family meal is celebrated in our Bada Ghar (literally translated as “big house”).

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Chef cooking foods out door  at Meghauli Serai

Rapti Kinara Deck Dinner

As its name suggests, Rapti Kinara (meaning “bank of the Rapti”), is an elevated outdoor deck overlooking the River Rapti and surrounding forest.

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Tasty food table  at Meghauli Serai

Tharu Village Dinner

A rich showcase of local culinary traditions and native culture, the Tharu Village dining experience recreates the feeling of a small local village meal.

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Fruit table at Meghauli Serai

Bonnet Breakfast

There’s nothing quite like starting your day with a sumptuous breakfast on a safari vehicle bonnet deep in the jungle.

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Men sitiing on the chairs at beach near  Meghauli Serai

Private Dinner

We specialize in unique private dining experiences in an array of settings.

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